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About Master Colbert

“... a creative genius, who worked tirelessly, with passion and compassion towards all members of Jubushikido. After years of his own personal training, he created a comprehensive martial arts system that truly involved each student in mind, body, and spirit."

Dr. Mark Barnard, President, Health Source of Abington, Inc.

A martial artist with a tremendous wealth of experience and vision, Cornell Clinton Colbert has spent most of his life experiencing the diverse aspects of the martial arts world.

Master Colbert began training in the martial arts in 1969 and teaching in 1975. Because of his expertise, he has served as managing instructor for American Karate Studio, (teaching Shotokan, Tae Kwon Do and Kenpo), on the board of directors of the Northeast Academy of Martial Arts, the Fountain Hills Academy of the Martial Arts, as a tester of black belts for the United Martial Arts Association and various other martial arts schools and organizations.

Master Colbert and Joe Lewis, World Champion and Film StarWhile living in Arizona in the early 1980's, and after winning the regional Professional Karate Association (PKA) Grand Championship, Master Colbert left competition Karate. In 1985, he began teaching the first of his new martial arts forms: Jubushikido

As the founder of the Colbert Karate System, Master Colbert is responsible for the continued evaluation and updating of teaching methods and procedures. He is also responsible for developing other master level teachers.

Master Colbert has taught self-defense at Eastern University in St Davids, Pennsylvania as an adjunct instructor, and has given numerous seminars to groups, schools and organizations on topics related to the martial arts.

           World Champion Joe Lewis and Master Colbert circa 1983

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